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Professional training contract

Should you wish to submit offers to act as a host company for ENSSAT students on a professional training contract basis,  you can download the offer description form and return it to us by email ().


  • Professional training contract to conclude engineering course studies outlined offer description form (Word format, pdf format)


The final year of engineering training is heavily focused on the need to acquire professional experience. Our students must complete a work placement with a minimum duration of 5 months. In order to provide our students with a wide range of suitable options in line with their wishes and to accommodate the needs of the companies we work with, we offer students the opportunity to work for a single company on an ongoing basis in the final year of their course (Baccalaureat + 5 years), by signing a professional training contract.

  • Professional 12-month block release training contract for final-year engineering students running from September  to September (more information).

The professional training contract can represent a valuable form of pre-recruitment as it allows the host to teach the potential future employee "company-specific knowledge" during the numerous periods they spend working for the company over the course of the contract.  
A student completing a professional training contract is not regarded as a paid employee from an accounting perspective and is not considered to be part of any work placement quotas (law relating to work placements applicable from September 2015 limiting the number of work placement students per company).

The practicalities of the « pro contrat »

  • Duration : one year
  • Placement schedul:
    • from the start of September to the end of September (full-time at the company),
    • from the end of September to mid-March, 2 days/week (Thursdays and Fridays),
    • from mid-March to September (full-time at the company).
  • Eligibility profile (3rd year engineering college students):
    • student-engineer in the final year of their engineering course (Baccalaureat +5 years) work at your company throughout the year,
    • student completes an end-of-studies placement,
    • student-engineer specialised in a technological field: Electronics, Computing or Photonics.
  • student's progress monitored by a member of ENSSAT's teaching staff.

Note: a student who elects to complete a 2-month (July-August) work placement at the end of the 2nd year of their course can then directly proceed with a professional training contract in their 3rd year (September – September).

Possibility of receiving support with work placement expenses through an OPCA (organisation responsible for collecting company contributions). Request information regarding the applicable tariffs from M. Guillaume Riou (base monthly salary for a full month: a minimum of 80% of the SMIC (minimum wage).

Download the document summarising student-engineer hosting options.

Calculate concessions relating to recruiting an apprentice.

More information about work placement.


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