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Student grants

Applicable apprenticeship system

For the apprentice

The Regional Council contributes towards the funding of transport, subsistence and housing expenses.

The apprentice's enrollment is only finalised upon signing an apprenticeship contract. This is a binding work contract with a predefined 3-year validity period. This contract states the identity and position of the apprenticeship mentor and specifies the obligations and legal rights the three partners must adhere to. It is completed using a CERFA FA 13A template form which is signed by both the apprentice and the employer.

The apprentice receives a salary during their 3 years of employment ranging between 35% and 80% of the SMIC (French standardised minimum wage):

18-20 years old
21-25 years old
1st year 41 % 53 %
2nd year 49 % 61 %
3rd year 65 % 78 %

How apprentice salaries are calculated. Find out more

The apprentice is entitled to paid holidays, social security cover, a student card and, potentially, housing benefits.

The apprenticeship contract is completed in partnership with the CFAI Bretagne (Breton Centre of Industry Apprentice Training).

For the company

Companies can receive funding grants from the Regional Council (see grants for companies issued by the Breton Regional Council) ) subject to their location and may be eligible for tax rebates/relief, exclusions from certain social contributions and employee sign-on credits.

The application of these measures is managed by the CFAI Bretagne (Breton Centre of Industry Apprentice Training).

Applicable for ongoing training programs

Funding conditions for the training and/or support relating to an APEL should be applied for through the relevant OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé = Joint Commission for Collective Training) branch.

The application of these measures is managed by the l'AFPI Bretagne (Breton Association of Industry Professional Training).