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Message from the Director

directeur de enssatFounded in 1986 to cater for the growing need for engineering training facilities, ENSSAT was established in Lannion, one of France’s major telecom hubs. Benefitting from its surroundings synonymous with extremely high-level scientific and technological achievement, ENSSAT is a leading light in the fields of photonics and digital development, boasting both its Imagery and Networks hub and the ‘Photonics Bretagne’ corporate group of companies.

Since it opened, 2450 engineering graduates have obtained their diplomas through the school, gaining their qualifications in the 4 specialised courses, including an apprentice engineer one. Enssat has developed a unique training programme built around:

  • an introductory core training period during which students select their course speciality (except for apprentice engineers)
  • two semesters enabling students to undertake international exchanges
  • options to pursue the final year in another school belonging to the Mines-Télécom Institute or Rennes 1 University
  • double-diploma agreements for engineers.

Its status is recognised by the engineering Titles Commission through which it has been accredited with the European EUR-ACE quality certification.

All that remains is for me to invite you to come and discover our multi-faceted school and the surrounding area: a technology hub made up of over 5000 engineers and technicians (including 3300 working in the digital field and 500 in photonics), a town and university centre with over 1800 students as well as the remarkable local scenery.


Marie-Catherine Mouchot,