Scientific foundation

The Common Core enables students to acquire basic knowledge of modern photonics.

  • Spatial optical propagation and optical functions
  • Laser sources
  • Integrated and microwave optics

The training therefore offers the possibility to follow three study paths in the fields of:

  • Optical communications, a field Brittany is renowned for: optical amplification, optical transmission systems, optical networks, etc. Optical telecommunications are a major focus of activity in Brittany, with both Labex CominLabs and IRT B-Com present in the region.
  • Optical nanotechnologies, an innovative sector recognized by the European Commission: resonator optics, physics of semiconductor nanostructures, nonlinear optics and integrated hybrid photonics. Optical nanotechnologies combine nanoscience with optics. These respond to needs and challenges of different areas of application: energy, telecommunications, etc.
  • Photonics for the life and environmental sciences, Images, Biophotonics & Environment, Optical Techniques for Biomedical applications. Brittany is an important player in this field.