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Syllabus content, specialised training course scheduling : Electronics, Computing, Photonics

A broad scientific training course

The engineering training course is designed to enable students to work in multiple intertwined and evolving technical arenas. Its primary focus is core mathematical and technological training. Incorporating scientific training centred around these fundamentally essential subjects is an absolute necessity to ensure students are well-equipped to tackle the complexities they will encounter in their future professional surroundings. ENSSAT also incorporates the notion of a double technological training course enabling students to operate within multidisciplinary teams and/or work in a wide variety of professional fields.

Division of training time between technological, mathematical and social science subjects

  • 2/3 of lessons are dedicated to technological training and 1/3 to mathematics and social sciences;
  • 2/3 of technological training lessons are focused on core expertise with the additional 1/3 allocated to speciality field of expertise training.

Double expertise

The technological topics taught as part of the core expertise and speciality syllabus are different in each specialised course.

Structuring of the two areas of expertise within each specialised training course:


Digital systems
Computing Photonics
Primary area of focus electronics, information processing computing, networks and communication optics, component physics
Secondary area of study computing materials - software electronics and computing

This training structure enables our students to develop an open-minded attitude which is conducive to an efficient adjustment to the technological situation within their company. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why our engineers achieve success in the companies they join.

Lesson programme

The abilities and knowledge engineers are expected to have are acquired progressively.

1st year: the student-engineer discovers the basics of their selected specialised technological area of expertise and its work methods.
Intertwining the two technological training areas, combining their varied topics within the training course « teaches students how to learn », enabling them to progress in their professional field.

2nd year: the student-engineer develops abilities needed to work as part of a team in relation to both the full range of relevant technological topic content and cross-speciality management projects.
The student engineers discover the importance of teamwork.
At the end of the second year, students have learnt all of the fundamental technological skillsets.

It is possible to take a break between the second and third years of the course in order to spend a considerable period in a professional environment, particularly abroad.

3rd yearthe student engineer further enhances their technical knowledge by studying specific themes and technological niche areas. This year of the course can be completed at ENSSAT or at one of their partner-universities in Europe or North America. The wide spectrum of lessons offered by ENSSAT which also incorporate social science subjects leads to numerous opportunities and openings in cutting-edge technological fields. The third year is also strongly focused on acquiring 'professional experience.

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