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Enssat, research center

ENSSAT has a dual objective: teaching and research.

The teachers-researchers are members of laboratories recognised by national governing bodies (CNRS, INRIA) and their work is focused within specialised fields relevant to the tailored courses we offer.

Being actively involved in research projects enables our teaching staff to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date and allows them to be fully aware of the latest scientific and technological advances. This dual link within the teaching firstly guarantees the content of the courses is permanently updated and improved and secondly enables the engineering students to participate in laboratory activities, in particular during 3rd year projects or by adding a Master’s in scientific research to their degree.

The Scientific Board coordinates certain elements of the research carried out at ENSSAT which is structured into teams made up of teacher research fellows, researchers, engineers and doctoral students. It comprises 6 elected members and 3 members selected by the director. The respective members play an active role in all matters relating to ENSSAT's research ethos, notably in relation to the research profiles of teacher/researcher applicants.

Research-based studies :  
Master’s in scientific research, doctoral thesis

The three specialised engineering qualifications taught at ENSSAT offer students the opportunity to proceed with a third year of studies, a master’s in scientific research. ENSSAT-qualified engineers can then begin a doctoral thesis. Obtaining the title of Doctor at the conclusion of three years of research leads to a career either as a researcher, a teacher/researcher or research engineer. These personal qualifications are especially valued by small companies at the cutting edge of innovative technologies and larger companies with R&D departments.