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ENSSAT, certifications and rankings

Enssat is authorised
by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research after advice from the CTI, which has awarded it the European quality label EUR-ACE.

The renewal of the CTI accreditation obtained by Enssat is for the maximum duration.

The "cybersecurity referent" training course has been awarded the label for continuing cybersecurity training by the ANSSI.

Rennes 1 university has been awarded the "Human Resources Excellence in Research" label by the European Commission for its commitment to the European human resources strategy for researchers.

The "DD&RS" label promotes the commitment of establishments on the basis of a common frame of reference covering five areas: governance, training, research, environmental management, social policy and territorial anchoring.

The label "Bienvenue en France" is a major focus of the Rennes 1 university which actively participates in the national strategy to make French higher education more attractive to international students.

The campus des métiers et des qualifications d'excellence - Numérique et photonique reinforces the position of the Lannion area as a centre of excellence in both sectors with a regional, national and even international influence. To achieve this, it relies on the Images and Networks Cluster, which has a global reach, the Anticipa technology park and the Photonics Bretagne cluster.

In 2022, with the following indicators: Graduation salary / Information Technology career opportunities (services) / Baccalauréat Average level results / Teacher-students ratio / Tuition fees per year / Duration of internships in companies, Enssat obtained a total of 22 points out of 24.

Enssat is a school within Rennes 1 university, and as such it includes prestigious rankings... for example the academic ranking of world universities by the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai (or Shanghai ranking).
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