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Doctoral Enrolments and re-enrolments can be submitted through the school administration system from the start of July to the end of November (the administration department is closed from mid-July to the end of August).

1st year enrolments

1st year doctoral applications can be submitted through the doctoral administrative service.

2nd and 3rd year re-enrolments

IMPORTANT -> students from the following student categories must enrol through the school administrative service:
  • students from overseas (non-French nationals) receiving grants from the French government
  • students registering under a thesis supervisor (already registered in their home university)
  • students simultaneously enroling through another educational institution.

All students enroling in a 2nd and 3rd year of doctoral studies must submit their enrolment online (see procedure explained below).

SERVER AVAILABILITY : from the start of July to the end of November (option to pay in three instalments between the start of July and the end of August).
Validating your « student key » from your Numerical Work Platform (hereafter denoted as an ‘ENT’)
  • If you haven’t validated your « student key »: log on to the Rennes 1 university portal "", then "ENT"
  • You will need your initial « access key » indicated on the previous year’s fee summary report.
  • Should you lose the initial access key, contact the school administrative team:
    Note : without this key, you will not be able to access the  re-enrolment section.
Payment by bank card, e-cards are not an accepted payment method

Log on to the "" / ENT « étudiant » / Onglet : « me réinscire »

The option to re-enrol will be listed. Certain information relating to the previous academic year will be displayed.

If there are no changes to your personal information, you can confirm the details displayed on these screens are correct. Otherwise, please make the necessary amendments (Note : if you are changing thesis supervisor, contact the school administrative service).


  • Either doctoral enrolment + social security allowance : 611,10 €
  • or, doctoral enrolment (without social security allowance) : 396,10 €

If a different amount to the one applicable for you appears, restart the form.

Having a « scholarship » (research scholarship beneficiary...) doesn’t affect your enrolment allowance rights.

4th (or subsequent) year re-enrolments:

4th (and subsequent) year re-enrolment can’t be completed online. You must follow the procedure explained in the documents below: