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Photonic Systems Team

Photonic Systems is one of the teams working within Foton's Combined Research Unit (UMR 6082). Teacher/researchers working in ENSSAT's photonics department are based at the Foton laboratory.

The research themes centre around the study and production of components enabling the creation, transmission, processing (modulation, amplification) or conversion of optical signals. The work of the three groups within the team encompasses a broad spectrum of photonic-related topics: lasers, optical telecommunications, guided and integrated optics, sensors. The team's projects involve numerous partnerships through their regional, national and European agreements.

The studies conducted can relate to fundamental topics (reducing the speed of light transmission, non-linear procedures, new fibres...) as well as areas closely connected to laser and fibre optic applications (designing optical functions for the telecom industry and producing sensors...). The studies undertaken are closely related to the advances of the Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication (STIC) and are conducted through partnerships with companies based at the Anticipa Technology hub and the 'Photonics Bretagne' (Brittany Photonics) group of associated companies. They respectively are home to major corporations (Thales, Nokia, Orange Labs, etc...) and numerous small and medium-sized companies renowned for the innovative nature of their work (Ekinops, Idil Fibres Optiques, Ixfiber, Keopsys, Kerdry, Oxxius, Quantel, Yenista Optics, etc.), some of which are brainchildren of Foton laboratory members.

Areas of research: photonics and optical telecommunications

  • Sensors
  • optical functions
  • micro and nanophotonics
  • guided & integrated optics
  • laser physics
  • optical telecommunications


Monique Thual

Head of Photonic Systems team