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Graduates' placement service

Jobs in promising sectors

Each year, the Observatory carefully studies the professional integration of new Enssat graduates, which guarantees the quality of the training and its relevance to the professional world.

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These data are the results of a survey conducted in collaboration with the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, at 6 months, among the graduates of the class of 2019.

The placement service, shared by Enssat and the Association des Anciens Élèves de l'Enssat (AAEE), is responsible for collecting all job offers that are sent to Enssat. After a possible filtering and a labelling indicating the specialities concerned, the offers are then distributed to the graduates.
This service is essentially based on an e-mail system. All your proposals should be sent to the address below, they will be processed the same day and archived on a site that can be consulted by graduates for a period of 3 months.

This service is based on the automatic registration of 3rd year students before graduation, during their end of study internship. Students can then observe the job market and start their first search and application processes.
For graduates, subscribing/unsubscribing to these mailing lists is free and can be done simply from your profile on the website



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