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Personal accounts (specialised software and computing course)

Thaï Tran, 2009 academic year student

Thai Tran« After completing a computer technology degree in Orsay, near Paris, I applied to join a number of engineering schools and I quickly set my sights on ENSSAT.

Why did you choose to join ENSSAT?
A number of factors led me to choose ENSSAT. The variety and flexibility of the training courses on offer help to shape well-rounded engineers. ENSSAT focuses strongly on teaching future managerial skillsets, something that is often overlooked in other schools, providing thorough training for future engineers...

Located near to the coast, ENSSAT offers an excellent range of sporting and aquatic activities. Using sporting activities as a way to gain experience of team dynamics similar to those one will later experience in a professional environment struck me as being an extremely innovative approach. I particularly liked the flexible training options available in the 3rd year of the course, notably those enabling students the spend time abroad through overseas partnership programs. »

How did the final year of your engineering studies go?

At the end of August 2008, I went to the university of Laval (in Quebec, Canada) to complete an 8-month exchange program completing my engineering course syllabus. This period abroad was carefully prepared with ENSSAT's assistance. Above all, it represents an end-of-studies life experience. Even when overseas, the school continues to provide support with all administrative formalities and remains in regular contact. This gave me peace of mind throughout my time in Canada.

It proved to be an incredibly self-enriching journey providing a perfect way to get away from my familiar surroundings whilst studying in a new environment. Well integrated and warmly welcomed, I got great pleasure from studying in Laval where students can select lessons in line with their interests. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere between students and the members of the teaching staff. There were fewer weekly lessons than in France but the amount of coursework is considerably greater. However, there were still ample opportunities to enjoy the numerous outdoor pursuits and cultural activities.

Very pleased to have made the most of this opportunity made possible by ENSSAT, I feel my horizons are broadening in a country I may call home in the future. »

Cédric Seureau, 2005 academic year student - Architecture engineer working at Orange Labs

Cédric Seureau« After my two-year preparatory classes, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in engineering and joined ENSSAT. The school was my 1st choice: the training course syllabus fit perfectly with my expectations and I very quickly came to appreciate Lannion and its surrounding areas.
I began a 3-year training course specialising in computer science. My strong involvement with the school's student associations taught me a great deal with regards to interacting with others and proved helpful as I prepared to join a company. When I left ENSSAT, I initially spent a few years with a computer engineering service company before joining Orange labs in 2010. »