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Personal accounts (specialised Digital systems course)

Alexis Pasturel, 2011 academic year student

Alexis PasturelWhat do you think about your engineering school?
« ENSSAT is a very welcoming school: both its campus and the people you meet there - whether it be fellow students, teaching, administrative or technical members of staff - all contribute to making it a welcoming place.
Additionally, the different clubs created and run by the students offer an opportunity to build a rapport with people you wouldn't otherwise necessarily cross paths with. They also enabled me to discover activities I wasn't familiar with before I arrived in Lannion.

Why did you choose to study at ENSSAT?
I had previously obtained a degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing in Normandy, my home region. The first thing that attracted me to ENSSAT was its general set-up: it is a human-scale school. In my opinion, a school of this size can offer its students far more ongoing support than a very sizeable institution. This means it is far easier to converse with teaching staff if you have not understood a particular part of a lesson, for example.
Secondly, it appealed to me that the Electronics course isn't solely focused on electronics: computing is also a major syllabus component. As this tied in with what I saw myself doing in the future, it encouraged me to join. Finally, the school is located in the heart of a major technological hub which offers many potential employment opportunities. I chose ENSSAT for all of these reasons and I wasn't disappointed.

How did your arrival in Lannion go?
I found student accommodation located just a few minutes' walk from ENSSAT which was both comfortable and cost-effective.
When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by Lannion's leisure activities. Great efforts are made to promote its cultural and sporting events ».

Christophe Clienti, 2005 academic year student

Christophe Clienti« During my Electronics and Industrial computing engineering course I was studying at an IUT (University Institute of Technology), I developed a passion for electronics.
ENSSAT gave me the opportunity to improve my core knowledge greatly, both with regards to the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics.
Studying the integrated system architecture and signal/image processing modules later led me to continue my education by completing a thesis on integrated architectures designed for real-time and embedded image processing at the Ecole des Mines in Paris.
I now work for the Thales Research & Technology company within their embedded systems laboratory. Being specialised in 3 key areas, electronics, signals and computing, due partly to my ENSSAT studies, is a major asset in my chosen professional field. It enables me to understand many types of complex systems. »